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DUID - Drug Offenses


Denver DUID Attorney
Being charged with driving under the influence of drugs (DUID) is very serious in the state of Colorado. If you were arrested for DUID (and were also charged with a drug related offense such as possession), then penalties, if convicted, will be harsh. Gregory Scott Mitchell of The Mitchell Law Firm in Denver is an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney who knows DUID laws inside and out. With over two decades of experience in DUID cases, Greg Mitchell stands ready to listen to the details of your case and start the process of planning your defense.

When it comes to your future, your livelihood and, most of all, your freedom, you need the best Denver DUID attorney. Should you choose to hire The Mitchell Law Firm to defend you against the very serious charge of DUID, we will explain what happens next and discuss possible outcomes. The goal is always to get the charge(s) against you dropped, but if that is not possible, we will work tirelessly to get the charge(s) reduced and minimize the penalties assessed.

What is DUID?

You probably are familiar with what a DUI (driving under the influence) charge is, but if you were arrested for DUID, there are some distinctions you should understand. DUID cases are unique in that they don’t fall under what is called the Colorado “Per Se” Law, which states that it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.05 for DWAI (driving while ability impaired) and 0.08 for DUI. There is no set BAC number for DUID arrests. The district attorney relies on the testimony of the arresting officer regarding the level of impairment the offender exhibited.

Most police officers are not adequately trained to recognize DUID cases, so Drug Recognition Evaluators (DRE) are used to identify the extent of impairment due to drug intake. The state also has to prove that you were impaired while you were driving, and some tests just can’t prove that you were intoxicated or impaired while you were actually driving the vehicle.

Sometimes chemical tests for drug use are conducted long after the time you were driving, when substances have already passed through the bloodstream. Due to the complexity of determining what constitutes “impairment,” it is crucial to hire a skilled, knowledgeable Denver DUID attorney as soon as possible following your arrest. All DUID cases should have a secondary blood or urine sample re tested by an independent, certified laboratory. Thorough, comprehensive legal representation is just another reason why you should choose The Mitchell Law Firm for a DUID charge.

Knowledge, Experience, Compassion—The Mitchell Law Firm

If you need an experienced Colorado Criminal Defense attorney with a professional, no nonsense approach, call The Mitchell Law Firm at 303-333-1979 any time day or night for an immediate appointment. You will be connected directly with attorney Gregory Scott Mitchell for a free initial consultation. With offices in Denver, Littleton, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Greely and Grand Lake, Colorado, The Mitchell Law Firm can defend you against any Front Range city or county charges you may face.

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Posted by a client on Jul 22 – 5 Star Review on AVVO
Helped through 2nd DUI

Mr. Mitchell and Tiffany were a huge help to guide me through my second DUI. I had many questions about the case and what would happen, both were extremely helpful and very concerned with my case. Mr. Mitchell gave me a lot of advice through this process and pushed me hard to make life changes. With both of their guidance I got through the court system smoothly. I would definitely recommend them in any legal situation because they are the best in town.

Posted by Michael on Jul 21 – 5 Star Review on AVVO
He Gets the Job Done

Mr. Mitchell handled a case for me at a time in my life when I had a lot of personal challenges, a death in my family, and things coming at me from every angle. He handled my case very professionally and his staff not only responded timely but offered motivation and encouragement. I highly recommend Mr. Mitchell.

Posted by Andrew on Jun 28 – 5 Star Review on AVVO

Mr. Greg Mitchell was very knowledgeable for my case of a DUI. He was very good Ii dealing with the court system that helped me deal with my situation better, even though my BAC was high. His attorney fees are reasonable. Greg Mitchell also helped me with a traffic violation that was a 6 point ticket and got reduced to a 0 point ticket. Mr. Mitchell's negotiation skills are very tactical and precise. I would strongly recommend it to anybody.