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Posted by Kelly on March 30, 2017 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

Compassion with excellent service

Unfortunately, if you are reading this you find yourself in a similar situation as I did in October 2016, needing assistance with a DUI. Fortunately, I found Gregory Mitchell. I am sure like most of you, there was a reason for your lapse in judgement, which lead to needing legal assistance. Mine was a child with cancer, a recent stroke followed by my wife serving me with divorce papers. Regardless, I compounded a bad situation and placed myself in need of the services of someone who knew the ins and outs of the legal system. I found that expertise and assistance in spades with Mr. Mitchell. However, what I did not expect was the compassion and concern for me, and how I was handling the life events that recently befell me outside my legal issues. From my very first phone call to Tiffeni, Mr. Mitchell's great, extraordinary, and wonderful senior paralegal, I was treated with respect, empathy and a sincere concern to help me navigate the turbulent legal waters I was now in. There was not one situation during the intricate process where I was left out of the loop, and all my questions and concerns were handled with the same professionalism and compassion that was afforded me on my first phone call. My case and charges were difficult for Mr. Mitchell to litigate due to my high BAC. That fact alone handcuffed Mr. Mitchell from the outset, but due to his expertise, he was able to minimize my final verdict in a manner that allowed my legal consequences to have a minimal impact on my day-to-day life following my conviction. I am sure there are other good lawyers that can offer legal assistance with a DUI defense; but I don't believe you will find another lawyer, backed by an amazing team, that will offer that same level of competent legal service with the compassion and caring offered by this law firm.


Posted by Valorie on March 27, 2017 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

Great service and support

Greg Mitchell and his paralegal Tiffany were amazing. They kept me informed and helped me get the best deal possible. Tiffany was always available to answer questions and gave excellent support when I needed it. They're an awesome team!! I'd refer them to anyone who needed their legal services.


Posted by Kimmy on March 9, 2017 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

Super Professional

So I got in trouble (DUI) in Colorado and I live in Wyoming. So I googled Lawyers in Colorado, called a few firms and did not have a good feeling about them. So I called "The Mitchell Law Firm" and Tiffeni (Mr. Mitchell's Senior Paralegal) answered the phone and I told her what happened...right away she calmed me down and was very straight forward with me....So I hired The Mitchell Law. ... So Three months later with The Mitchell Law Firm and their Professionalism I was very pleased with how my case turned out. I would like to thank Mr. Mitchell, Tiffeni and their staff for their hard work on my case!!!!!!! :)


Posted by Gregory on March 6, 2017 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

The best lawyer helped me through the worst of times

Gregory Mitchell, Attorney and Tiffeni Contiguglia, Senior Paralegal. If you get a DUI simple or complicated Mitchell Law firm is who you MUST contact. I was charged with DUI last September. This DUI charge turned out to be the hardest, most difficult situation I have had in my life. I am 60 years old and have been a law abiding citizen all of my life. I retired from the US Army 20 years ago. I always pictured myself a person who was above getting arrested for anything especially DUI. But I was arrested and charged and needed the best help/Attorney I cold find. The entire steps of the process from arrest to court to fines, classes and license was explained to me in an understanding, kind, matter of fact way. Obviously I had many questions and I was very concerned. Gregory Mitchell and Tiffeni kept in close contact. Walked me through the steps and told me the truth. I am still working through this DUI but I Highly recommend without question the Gregory Scott Law firm if you are charged with DUI.


Posted by Randy on January 24, 2017 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

65 in 45= jail in some states

Short version = case dismissed, God blessed me and Greg got my ticket dismissed. Laryngitis didn't stop Greg from following through this violation to the end. Thanks Mitchell Law Firm!


Posted by anonymous on January 22, 2017 - 5 Star Review on AVVO


Mr. Mitchell and the whole Mitchell law firm couldn't have been better!! My wife and I have never been in this kind of situation. Mr. Mitchell and the whole law firm made us feel comfortable and answered every last question we had! And to top it off Mr. Mitchell won my DMV case saving me of interlock for 2 years. I would highly recommend the Mitchell law firm!!


Posted by Joseph Froehle December 16, 2016 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

DWAI Dismissal!

Mr. Mitchell and his team were there for me from the start! When I called, Greg himself had time to hear my case, and offered a realistic approach to a favorable outcome. He did not overpromise and under deliver. He was professional and courteous. I would recommend him and have to family and friends. Thank you so much, Mitchell Law Firm


Posted by anonymous December 1, 2016 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

Invaluable Legal Assistance When in Crisis

For anyone seeking legal advice for an alcohol or drug-related driving offense, I have the following to share regarding the services offered by the Mitchell Law Firm. First of all, I must regrettably admit this was not my first offense and therefore this situation was a bit more complicated than for a first time offender.

To start with, the initial contact with the firm and getting my initial set of questions addressed professionally and courteously could not have been easier and done more to mitigate my anxiety. Mr. Mitchell’s paralegal, Tiffeni is as competent and helpful as anyone could hope for. All through the process, she was there with prompt, accurate information and sound advice for navigating the legal ordeal. Admittedly my anxiety and tension throughout was occasionally elevated and she never failed to go the extra mile to explain (sometimes often) what was happening and what to expect next. She truly presents herself in a manner which demonstrates true compassion for her client’s wellbeing. Mr. Mitchell is without doubt, exceptionally proficient at this type of law. He is an extremely clear communicator and leaves no ambiguity regarding potential outcomes and options to exercise. At every decision point, he was very diligent in explaining the pros and cons of each decision I (with his advice and guidance) made. Because of my prior history, there were 2 potential sticking points during the court room proceedings which could have had potentially very negative outcomes. In both instances, Mr. Mitchell was quick and experienced enough to negotiate with the DA and settle upon a resolution which clearly landed in my favor. Once at sentencing and in front of the judge, Mr. Mitchell was incredibly poised and made a statement on my behalf which was fantastic. I truly believe his words and ability to think quickly on his feet made a tremendous difference in the sentence I was given. I think I may have deserved a harsher sentence, but could not have been more thankful and appreciative of how the situation was resolved and the Mitchell Law Firm’s help and guidance. As mentioned this was not my first encounter with this type of offense. My previous experience with other local legal support does not come close to what I was fortunate enough to have had with Mr. Mitchell and Tiffeni.


Posted by Brian November 10, 2016 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

Great lawyer

The Mitchell Law Firm was there in my time of need. My neighbors had me arrested for something I didn’t do and I was facing a class 4 felony. Greg Mitchell was referred to me by a friend. I hired Greg to fight the felony. During the course of the case Greg and Tiffeni were there for every step of the way and always there to answer my questions since i had never been in trouble a day in my life. Greg was able to have the felony dropped and i was only charged with a misdemeanor. If it wasn’t for the Mitchell Law firm I would of faced jail and lost my rights. I would recommend Greg Mitchell to anybody.


Posted by Tim October 25, 2016 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

Outstanding Customer Service

I was charged with "Driving Under the Influence," and immediately contacted The Mitchell Law Firm. From first contact the law team made me feel safe within my situation. The team was easy to contact at any time and always returned my calls if unavailable. My emergency became their emergency!

After all was said and done I received a "Deferred Sentence" and the case was in the past in a months time. I am confident that I would not have been so fortunate if it were not for the hard work of Greg Mitchell and Tiffeni Contiguglia. I highly recommend The Mitchell Law Firm without any reservations.


Posted by Bryan October 10, 2016 - 5 Star Review on AVVO


Mr. Mitchell and his assistant Tiffeni both handled my case with extreme fervency and respect. Their relentless efforts in continued communication and well-being within our partnership never ceased, alongside a truly joyful attitude towards me not as a client, but as a person. I cannot thank them both enough for what they accomplished for me, nor would I know how. A significant amount of my time, financial compensation, and my sanity was given to them in my case. However, there was not a single moment of doubt or regret. What they were able to give back to me was far more valuable than anything I gave to them, and I am forever grateful for that.


Posted by anonymous October 6, 2016 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

DV Dispute

I found Greg Mitchell by searching online for “best attorneys” in the Denver Colorado area....and my search proved successful. I engaged Mr. Mitchell and his office to help defend my son in a DV case and after the first conversation we felt immensely better about his abilities to help address these unwarranted accusations. Going through a process like this is extremely stressful, especially for people who have never before been involved with the court system. Greg and the folks in his office guided us with professionalism, understanding and kindness. His strategy from our initial conversation to successful dismissal proved he is a seasoned professional in his field. We thank him, Tiffeni and his office staff for all they've done. In our book, The Mitchell Law Firm certainly has earned its place to be listed as one of the best in the Denver area.


Posted by John October 3, 2016 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

Steady Hand

When I got my latest speeding ticket I was looking at potentially losing my license for a year. Calling the Mitchell Law Firm was a decision I’m extremely pleased that I made. Greg helped me get through my traffic ticket and helped me avoid getting tripped up by a small mistake by getting the case dismissed. If you are looking for a friendly staff, a knowledgeable attorney, and the best possible results for your case I can firmly recommend the Mitchell Law Firm


Posted by Chris September 27, 2016 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

Very professional

Mr. Mitchell handled my case from the beginning along with all visits/apprearances. His Senior Paralegal, Tiffeni was consistent in communicating with us. Greg was able to obtain a lower plea and continuously gave advice as to best handle different situations during the case.


Posted by anonymous September 13, 2016 – 1 Star Review on AVVO


Greg is a very underhanded lawyer. I consulted with him over the phone. He sounded good. I worked very hard and did everything he said to do in getting my things together. When I paid him, he reviewed my background, found that I was a severely mentally disabled combat veteran, and dumped me 10 days before my court hearing. When I called back to get the refund, the law firm was extremely rude and non-cooperative in trying to get a confirmation number on our refund. I have NEVER experienced such dishonesty and greed in my life


Posted by Barry August 26, 2016 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

Thank You Mitchell Law Firm

Mr. Mitchell and his Senior Paralegal, Tiffeni Contiguglia, were always quick to respond to my questions. This was my first arrest so I was not familiar with the court process. They took their time and explained everything in a way I could easily understand. When I watched another Attorney rumbling, bumbling and stumbling through the hearing prior to mine, I was glad to have The Mitchell Law Firm on my team. Mr. Mitchell was very eloquent in his interactions with the Judge and Assistant District Attorney during my Deposition. He humanized me in the Courtroom. I believe he got me the best possible deal given the circumstances. After the Deposition, he escorted me to pay my court costs and then the Probation Office to register. He didn't have to take the extra time to perform these tasks, but he did. I felt like Tiffeni and Mr. Mitchell cared about me and my case. Thank you


Posted by Wanda August 20, 2016 - 5 Star Review on AVVO


Mr. Mitchell always responded to my questions & concerns in a timely fashion without making me feel rushed. He ensured he had the facts of my case correct and offered the court a strong, personal and well-prepared defense. In turn, the court allowed me the minimum sentence possible. His paralegal, Tiffeni, was always kind & knowledgeable and offered great support from the beginning to the end of my case


Posted by James August 19, 2016 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

Excellent Decision

Mr. Greg Mitchell and Ms. Tiffeni Contiguglia were incredibly helpful during my case. Mr. Mitchell's efforts with the DA were beyond what I was expecting. I am very fortunate with the results of the case. Ms. Contiguglia's help and insight cleared up any questions and uncertainties I had about the legal process. I would gladly recommend the Mitchell Law Firm for anybody seeking legal counsel for a DUI case


Posted by Brett August 6, 2016 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

BEST Decision

It has been almost 5 months since I made a very bad decision to drive drunk. I have A LOT to lose, so I did not take the decision on who to represent me lightly. I called a dozen attorneys and met with 3 others. Selecting Mr. Mitchell was the BEST decision I could have made. From the moment I met him, Mr. Mitchell exuded confidence without arrogance which I could not say for the other attorneys.

More importantly he had a genuine sense of calmness and empathy that no matter what happened he would be there for me.

I should not have been driving and know it, so I wasn't looking for a miracle. I just wanted to make sure I got the best deal available and did not make any mistakes. He never promised me anything other than he would do exactly that.

Going into this, I had no idea what I was in store for: Court, DMV, Probation, Auto-Lock, Court Ordered Alcohol Education and Counseling, Random Drug/Alcohol Testing...

At every step, Mr. Mitchel and his AMAZING Paralegal Tiffeni have been there for me. I truly don't think I could have made it through this without them.

If you are a dumb as I was and find yourself in need of representation for a DUI...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do yourself a favor and call Mr. Mitchel


Posted by anonymous July 14, 2016 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

DUI case

Mr. Greg Mitchell handled my case in early 2016. From the beginning he was supportive and professional. He was also realistic, as my BAC measurement mandated certain penalties. The penalties I received were less than they could have been, and I give credit for that to Mr. Mitchell for his work with the DA. Further, Greg's approach and demeanor helped me maintain my composure during a stressful experience.

Along those lines, a special acknowledgement goes to his paralegal, Tiffany Contiguglia. As a first-time offender, I found the entire process with the DMV and the court unnerving, if not downright scary, due to so many aspects of it being unknown to me. Tiffany provided answers and reassurance on a constant basis, with no question being too trivial. Her compassionate affect never failed to ease my anxiety as my case worked its way toward resolution.

In summary, I would strongly recommend Mr. Mitchell’s firm for anyone facing the duress of a DUI case. Between Mr. Mitchell and Ms. Contiguglia, one can depend on the professional and personal aspects of a case to be addressed in a professional and empathetic manner.


Posted by Sara June 20, 2016 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

I felt safe with Mitchell Law

I would like to give Gregory and Tiffeni a bug thank you for all of the hard work you guys did on my DUI case. I was able to contact you guys with all of my questions about my case. The team made me comfortable and Tiffeni would joke with me and help me see the rainbow on the other side, they are willing to work with you and take time to make sure you understand all of your rights and what is going on. I've been able to call and ask questions even after my case was closed, They really do make you feel like family and they prove that they will go the extra mile to make you feel safe and comfortable with what to expect throughout the whole case. I will recommended Gregory Mitchell to anyone who needs legal help. THANK YOU GUYS FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!!


Posted by Jarrett June 4, 2016 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

DWAI on post

Greg Mitchell and Tiffany were very professional throughout the entire process. My case was in federal court due to the DWAI being on post and I was beginning to think I had no hope. With Mr. Mitchell's negotiating skills we were able to get the case dismissed. It helped to save my career and was able to get my life back on track, I would recommend him for whatever situation your in.


Posted by Lance May 19, 2016 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

Saved my Career!

Mr. Mitchell & Tiffeni were easily worth every dollar! Not only were they very diligent, informative, and the utmost professional, but they were also understanding, patient, and compassionate throughout the entire process. Being my first experience with a DUI, I had a myriad of questions and concerns and they were always able to provide thorough answers to everything. In the end, Greg was able to structure my court dates to accommodate work commitments, minimize my fines, and most importantly, get me out of the mandatory jail time, which in turn saved my career. Along the way, we formulated my exact needs and ideal outcome and Greg fought the case exactly as planned in court with successful results. Tiffeni was consistently available by phone & email to answer any and all questions at any time of day. I couldn't be more satisfied with The Mitchell Law Firm's performance and would highly recommend them to anyone seeking defense.


Posted by Matthew March 21, 2016 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

The Mitchell Law firm is the Confident Choice!

While visiting CO from out of state I experienced the worst day in my adult life. Pulled over in a small unfamiliar town (Heurfano). For supposedly being a “white vehicle” described in a called in report. That quickly spiraled out of control. Needless to say I was beyond stressed out. After calling several attorneys and feeling like I was losing my mind even more. I was blessed with finding Mr. Gregory Mitchell and his Law firm. Senior Paralegal Tiffeni was very knowledgeable, caring and brought a peace to my situation immediately. I spoke later with a Charles who again made the overwhelming stress dissipate, through an overall outlook on what was to be expected. Especially like to thank Mr. Gregory Mitchell for his prompt response to my concerns, highly educated, confidence in court. Made my otherwise outrageous situation basically disappear. And trust me...watching the other lawyers in their sweatpants & snow boots. I was elated to already know Mr. Mitchell was on a whole much higher level of professionalism, I couldn't have made it without the whole Mitchell Law firm, Thank you again!


Posted by Steven March 15, 2016 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

The Mitchell is FANTASTIC

I chose the Mitchell law firm to represent me last October (2015) as I was facing a DUI charge received in Adams county. That was one of the best decisions i have made in my life and i am 62 years young. Mr. Mitchell and his assistant (Tiffeni) were not only very professional but also took a personal interest in me and went out of their way to understand what I was going through. I am a professional engineer and frankly was horrified at how the judge's verdict could really alter my future both personally and professionally. Immediately after I retained their services my original trial date was moved out seven weeks to allow Mr. Mitchell and his associates to review and build my case. At the hearing Mr. Mitchell was fantastic in presenting my case to the judge. He also made sure I knew exactly where we stood and the possible senerio's prior to our actual appearance in court. Tiffeni was always more than willing to talk with me from the day I chose the Mitchell Law Firm to represent me. I am truly grateful to them both as I was only given a year's probation, 24 hours of community service and the fines for most part were dropped. I also made two friends in Greg and Tiffeni. If you are facing charges I strongly recommend the Mitchell Law Firm.


Posted by Tyrone on February 28, 2016 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

Great lawyer

Mr. Mitchell did everything in his power to fight for me. Mr. Mitchell and his staff were very prompt and clear with getting me the information that i needed and following up with me. He ultimately ended up getting my DUI case deferred and saved my military career


Posted by anonymous February 21, 2016 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

Best of the Best!

Greg Mitchell is the best DUI attorney! I spoke with several attorneys before finding Greg Mitchell. Immediately Tiffeni and Greg were able to relieve my stress. Greg was able to take into consideration the fact that I am a single parent and he was able to make a payment plan that I could afford. He is incredibly knowledgeable, compassionate and was able to get me an offer with the DA I could live with and move on with my life. He never made me feel like a bad person, but was able to encourage me to be the person I truly am and he was able to professionally guide me through every step. My life is back thanks to Greg Mitchell and his team! If you want a true DUI lawyer, an attorney who treats you like a real person then hire Greg Mitchell!


Posted by Brian February 19, 2016 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

Kept Me from a Felony and Jail

Mr Mitchell is an outstanding attorney! After a series of events in my life, I made some very poor choices. Mr. Mitchell understood my situation and worked brilliantly to resolve what could've been a felony and jail time. His reputation with the courts in Colorado I found to be impeccable and he really tries to get to know you as a client and a person not just another number. If you don't retain Mr. Mitchell Your chances of being professionally represented are very low. I cannot say enough good about him. Don't take chances with your future


Posted by Lawrence February 18, 2016 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

Greg Mitchell

Greg Mitchell represented me in a misdemeanor matter recently. I am an attorney, and very able to judge the quality of legal representation. I've had previous representation (from other than Greg), and from knowledge of the of experience of others, I am truly stunned at just how many bad lawyers are out there, most certainly regarding those who go simply through the motions of representation, and don't mean just the legal ones. I feel fortunate to find in Greg a guy who believe really did everything he could to get the best possible result for me.

Greg is personable guy who I quickly developed a trusting relationship with. He was honest and upfront. His expertise and experience is tops. He is well liked in the courthouse, has a great staff and has reasonable fees.

I had a good experience with him and highly recommend him


Posted by Josh January 9, 2016 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

Professional and Knowledgeable Guidance and Results

I recently have gone through the process with the Douglas County courts for a 3rd DUI, of course when this mistake took place I was scared and did not know where to turn. I called Greg's office and spoke with Tiffeni, Greg's Paralegal. From the start she was very supportive and let me know exactly what was going to happen next and what I needed to prepare for. Tiffeni was very straight forward so I knew what to expect but was also very understanding and there for me. Soon after working with Tiffeni in the very beginning I started working with Greg as well, he also was very knowledgeable and let me know exactly what he was doing and the time frame that he would need to accomplish each objective. He kept me on the road to keep working, my particular situation was such that I was very concerned about a lengthy jail sentence, Greg and Tiffeni were able to maneuver so that I am able to keep my job and keep my life together in a time of making up for a horrible mistake. I am extremely thankful that I called the The Mitchell Law firm, I would recommend any one that I am close with to call these guys should they need this type of help and guidance.

Thank you so much for you all your help and support!


Posted by Elijah December 14, 2015 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

Traffic ticket points

I had a standard speeding ticket but I had 3 points left on my license before it would be revoked. I hired Greg in hopes of achieving a 2 point ticket rather than a 6point ticket. Greg managed to get the ticket to 0 points and a mere $75 fine payment. OUTSTANDING


Posted by Erik December 9, 2015 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

DUI in Denver Colorado

I'd like to thank Gregory Mitchell and his colleague Tiffeni Contiguglia for their excellent representation of my case. My case was not easy. I was facing a second offense with a somewhat high BAC, the odds were definitely not in my favor (gratefully there was no accident, injury, or damage). I was upfront that I would be a somewhat 'needy' client, and throughout the process Greg and Tiffeni were responsive and good to work with, answering all questions and providing good advice. In addition I have a fairly demanding job requiring several out of state client visits that they were able to guide me through. There were a few speed bumps along the way as can be expected in any type of case that falls on the “beyond foolish” end of the traffic violation spectrum. As a result of their diligent representation, I felt the sentence was fair and just and I am happy to be paying back my debt to the community and moving on with my life.

Thank you both for your hard work!


Posted by anonymous November 13, 2015 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

Caring, Understanding and Professional!

Ultimately, I was faced with an extremely difficult and overwhelming situation. Mr. Mitchell and his senior paralegal Tiffeni helped guide me though the process step by step. Tiffeni’s caring and sensitive side along with Mr. Mitchell’s expertise and professionalism empowered me to be able to confront this tough situation and be able to bring my life back to some normalcy. Thank you to Mr. Mitchell and Tiffeni!!


Posted by Brian November 2, 2015 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

Outstanding Attorney

Greg is an outstanding attorney that saved me from a serious criminal issue. I won't go into details but his reputation as an absolute expert attorney are well known. He really cares about his clients.


Posted by Jeremy October 2, 2015 - 5 Star Review on AVVO


I was so lucky to have the help of Gregory Mitchell and his team. I had been convinced that I had no hope and Gregory insisted on fighting it.. I made up my mind last minute but I would have probably had it much worse without consultation. Now I can go on with my life without so much stress hanging over my head.


Posted by Robert September 8, 2015 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

D.U.I. in Jeffco

Mr. Mitchell went the extra mile. I was a little worried in the beginning as he has a tendency of being late, but the courts clerks always had a smile and pleasant conversation for him and that diminished. He did effective research and found the perfect expert witness and the judge dismissed my case at motions. Mr. Mitchell pressed that the officer had violated my rights during collection of blood for testing.

I strongly recommend Gregory Mitchell. You get what you pay for!


Posted by Duane August 22, 2015 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

Professional approach

I was stopped and charged for a DUI, I had no knowledge of the law, and needed help. On a Saturday morning Tiffany answered my phone call, walked me through my process. I not only was Mr. Mitchell able to get my license back right away, but my charges were reduced to DWAI. Throughout the weeks Tiffany called and informed me of the next step. Truly Professional service


Posted by anonymous July 22, 2015 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

Helped through 2nd DUI

Mr. Mitchell and Tiffany were a huge help to guide me through my second DUI. I had many questions about the case and what would happen, both were extremely helpful and very concerned with my case. Mr. Mitchell gave me a lot of advice through this process and pushed me hard to make life changes. With both of their guidance I got through the court system smoothly. I would definitely recommend them in any legal situation because they are the best in town


Posted by Samuel July 22, 2015 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

Time is money

Mr. Mitchell has save me time and money. Not only did he get me a deferred sentence he also made my deferred sentence much smaller then what the court originally ordered. And was 2500$ less than the other attorneys I tried. Thank you Scott Mitchell!


Posted by Michael July 21, 2015 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

He Gets the Job Done

Mr. Mitchell handled a case for me at a time in my life when I had a lot of personal challenges, a death in my family, and things coming at me from every angle. He handled my case very professionally and his staff not only responded timely but offered motivation and encouragement. I highly recommend Mr. Mitchell


Posted by anonymous July 21, 2015 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

Mr. Mitchell

I had a great experience with Mr. Mitchell. He was very intuitive and extremely knowledgeable. He kept me in the loop as to everything involved with my case. He helped me save a ton of money by getting me a favorable out come to my case. If for some foreseen reason I am in the need for a lawyer again I will not hesitate to contact Mr. Mitchell and his amazing staff he has!! Thank you so very much Mr. Mitchell for all of your excellent help!!!


Posted by Kelsey July 20, 2015 - 4 Star Review on AVVO

Professional and Personal

Dealing with legal issues can be stressful, but Greg and his team really work hard to keep you completely informed and at ease through the whole process. They are professional and effective, and Greg was able to achieve a great result for my case. I'd recommend him to anyone


Posted by Alex July 19, 2015 - 4 Star Review on AVVO

Attorney Mitchell successfully looked out for my best interests

Gregory Mitchell handled my cases with professionalism and dexterity. He understood my legal situation and took the appropriate action to achieve best outcome. He did his part, I had to do mine in the end the results were exemplary. I believe Attorney Mitchell to be amongst the best in his area of concentration. Thank you Gregory Mitchell


Posted by Ronnie on July 15, 2015 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

Very knowledgeable and helpful

Mr. Mitchell did a great job for me in my case. I had a lot of questions for him and he always got right back to me with the answers. A+ service!


Posted by Jeff July 14, 2015 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

A Very Good Choice

Mr. Mitchell handled my case very professionally and achieved a good result for me. I was kept informed at every stage of the case right till the end .I would recommend him to anyone in need of a lawyer


Posted by Andrew on June 28, 2015 - 5 Star Review on AVVO


Mr. Greg Mitchell was very knowledgeable for my case of a DUI. He was very good in dealing with the court system that helped me deal with my situation better, even though my BAC was high. His attorney fees are reasonable. Greg Mitchell also helped me with a traffic violation that was a 6 point ticket and got reduced to a 0 point ticket. Mr. Mitchell's negotiation skills are very tactical and precise. I would strongly recommend it to anybody.


Posted by Asian on June 17, 2015 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

Got my charges sealed...

Last two weeks ago, i got hearing about sealing my charges, I was really nervous and scared coz I received a letter from the DA that they are objecting they doesn’t want my charges to be sealed and I want to pursue my nursing career here in states , so I need to have clean background... But because of Atty, Gregory Scott Mitchell, we won again, and I’m very happy coz I can still get a better job here in states, his really smart and very...


Posted by Tanya June 15, 2015 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

The Go To Attorney

My son got a DUI and needed help, especially since he wasn't drunk! Mr. Mitchell took his case. He and his staff were diligent in their research and the final outcome was the charge was dropped. My son has his driver’s license because of Mr. Mitchell.


Posted by anonymous on June 15, 2015 - 5 Star Review on AVVO


I was referred to Greg by a friend, and after speaking to him I felt like he was a good match for my case. He was very knowledgeable about what I was about to face. He gave me worst and best case scenarios so that I knew what I was facing. His team was always responsive and always treated me with respect and not just a number on another case. I would recommend Greg and his team to others in needing a lawyer.


Posted by Rusty June 13, 2015 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

Greg Mitchell review by RAS

Greg was extremely professional.

He took time to explain things, was very detail oriented, understood the system, the players in the system and how to get the best result based on the facts and known preferences of specific personnel within the system. My case which involved 4 charges were dismissed.


Posted by Mark May 19, 2015 - 4 Star Review on AVVO

Helpful Through a Stressful Time

Greg and his staff were helpful and available for questions and inquiries. Greg was professional yet approachable. Tifeni and staff were friendly, helpful, responsive and knowledgeable. His representation provided peace of mind and assurance that the issues were being handled properly.


Posted by Carl on May 14, 2015 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

Carl from Fort Worth

Never having been arrested before I was in Denver visiting a friend and had a couple of drinks and came upon a DWI checkpoint after having left the bar that we were at. I waited a long while before driving but I guess not long enough. I was taken to a detox facility. The next day I was very afraid thinking what could happen to me with Colorado law being what it is so I called The Mitchell Law firm and when I spoke to Greg he made me feel a lot...


Posted by anonymous on March 8, 2015 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

Happy client

I just wanted to tell everyone how pleased I was that I called Gregory Mitchell to defend me. I got a DUI after leaving a wedding and should have never been behind the wheel. Stupid of me! Mr. Mitchell was able to minimize the penalties and help me keep my driver’s license. I highly recommend him.


Posted by “Asian” on February 24, 2015 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

We won and got my felony case dismissed

Atty. Mitchell won my felonies case, and i was really worried and scared coz when i lost my case there will be deportation since I’m only immigrant and there will be mandatory prison time.... And yesterday got my case dismissed and I’m really happy coz I’m now free and no more deportation that i was worried about so much... I will 100% recommend the Mitchell law firm.. Coz they will really take good care of you and they will always update you about...


Posted by Mark January 28, 2015 - 5 Star Review on AVVO

Would highly recommend

I'm usually not to avid on writing reviews (yelp, open table, etc.) but Greg Mitchell did such a great job handling my case. I heard about Mr. Mitchell through a friend from work. This was my third DUI charge and I was absolutely mortified at the idea of going to jail and/or having my license revoked. However, Mitchell & his staff kept me informed & calm and ended up guiding me through what could have been life changing charges with ease. I would highly recommend


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